"Classic Legendary Hero Stories: Extraordinary Tales of Honor, Courage, and Valor"

By: "Brennan, Stephen Vincent"

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History is filled with myth. Heroes and icons from our distant past are no longer remembered by people who actually experienced them. They are remembered by the stories passed down from generation to generation. After so many centuries have passed it is often difficult to discern who was truly alive, and who lived only in the minds of the storytellers.
As you'll see in Classic Legendary Hero Stories, fictional beings are no less capable than real-life heroes of teaching society a lesson, or exemplifying what the reader believes is right and just, or downright evil. Whether or not the characters in a story were ever alive is a decision each reader will have to make on their own. Regardless of when or where the characters may have lived, each story in this collection will share with the reader some moral lesson that applies to the world today.
Classic Legendary Hero Stories will include characters from a variety of places and time periods, including:
* Gilgamesh * young David (Goliath's foe) * Odysseus * Horatius (at the Bridge) * Beowulf * the Irish King Cuchulain * El Cid * Richard Lionheart * Robin Hood * Roland * King Arthur * Sunjata (the original Lion King of old Mali) * Rama the Indian Prince * Hanuman, protector of the Indian family * and many more.

Title: "Classic Legendary Hero Stories: Extraordinary Tales of Honor, Courage, and Valor"

Author Name: "Brennan, Stephen Vincent"

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