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Image for "A Republic, Not an Empire: Reclaiming America's Destiny"

"A Republic, Not an Empire: Reclaiming America's Destiny"

By: "Buchanan, Patrick J."

Price: $9.95

Publisher: "Regnery Publishing, Inc.",

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Image for "All the President's Spin: George W. Bush, the Media, and the Truth"

"All the President's Spin: George W. Bush, the Media, and the Truth"

By: "Fritz, Ben, Keefer, Bryan, Nyhan, Brendan"

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Touchstone,

"All the President's Spin, " the first book from the editors of the acclaimed nonpartisan website Spinsanity, unmasks the tactics of deception and media manipulation that George W. Bush has used to sell his agenda to the American people. From his campaigns for tax cuts to the debate over war in Iraq, President Bush has employed an unprecedented onslaught of half-truths and strategically ambiguous language to twist and distort the facts. Fritz, Keefer, and Nyhan's po... View more info

"Chronicles of Black Protest (Original Title: Chronicles of Negro Protest, A Background Book for Young People Documenting the History of Black Power)"

By: "Chambers, Bradford (ed.) (Dr. C. Eric Lincoln, intro.)"

Price: $10.95

Publisher: 1969

Edition: (3rd printing)

"As new except for rubbed cover edges and library stamp inside back cover (no other library markings). ""the forgotten history of an heroic heritage. Contrary to popular belief, today's (1968) Black protest is not a new phenomenon on the American scene. Behind the storybook history of America, there is a ' hidden history' - one in which brave men, both Black and White, spoke out, fought and sometimes died in battling grim centuries of oppression and injustic... View more info

"Connecticut's Seminary of Sedition: Yale College (Connecticut Bicentennial Series, VIII)"

By: "Tucker, Louis Leonard"

Price: $18.95

Publisher: "Chester, CT", 1974

"Ex-library in library binding. As new except for the library markings from the Mark Twain Library in Redding CT. A Publication of The American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut. Tan coated cloth covers with white inking on spine including library indexing information. ""Seeks to assess the role of Yale College in the American Revolution."". 78 annotated pages with a few illustrations." View more info

"De la insurreccion a la revolucion en Mexico: Las bases sociales de la violencia agraria, 1750-1940"

By: "Tutino, John"

Price: $17.95

Publisher: Mexico, 1990

Edition: (2nd reimpression)

"As new except for light age soil to exterior and cover lamination starting to peel. "" Coleccion Problemas de Mexico"" ""Como se incuban las insurrecciones? Por que estallan en un momento determinado y no en otro? Que causa la violencia rural y por que prolifera en algunas regiones y no en otras? Cuales son, en fin, las bases sociales de la insurreccion o de la lealtad?"" Text in Spanish. 376 annoted pages including Bibliography." View more info

"Foreign Affairs: 1984 Spring (Vol. 62, No. 4)"

By: N/A

Price: $9.95

Publisher: NY, 1984

"As new except for coffee cup ring on front cover. ""Scientific Frontiers and National Frontiers (Lewis Thomas); The Politics of Vulnerability (R. James Woolsey). Star Wars: Pros and Cons: Nuclear Policy and Defensive Transition (Keith B. Paume and Colin S. Gray); Ballistic Missile Defense: The Illusion of Security (William E. Burrows). Managing Soviet Policy (Joseph S. Nye, Jr.); China's Quiet Revolution (Donald S. Zagoria); Nigeria in Search of Democracy (... View more info

Image for "Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine"

"Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine"

By: "Beck, Glenn"

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Threshold Editions,

In any era, great Americans inspire us to reach our full potential. They know with conviction what they believe within themselves. They understand that all actions have consequences. And they find commonsense solutions to the nation's problems. "?" One such American, Thomas Paine, was an ordinary man who changed the course of history by penning Common Sense, the concise 1776 masterpiece in which, through extraordinarily straightforward and indisputable arguments, he ... View more info

"Handbook of Federal Assistance: Financing, Grants, Technical Aids 1981"

By: "(Stevenson, Eric, Ed.)"

Price: $39.95

Publisher: "Boston, MA", ©1981

Soft imitation leather covers. As new except for faint age soil to exterior and slight rubbing to bottom edge of front cover. 654 indexed pages of government programs. View more info

"International Socialism 96 (A quarterly journal of socialist theory, Autumn 2002): The Workers of the World"

By: Socialist Workers Party (Britain)

Price: $11.95

Publisher: "London, UK", 2002

Edition: (Issue 96)

As new except for small crease on bottom corner of front cover. Contents: The workers of the world (Chris Harmon); In defense of Marx and Engles (August Nimts); Marx's ecology in historical perspective (John Bellamy Foster); The decline of capitalism (Mike Kidron); Zola for the 21st century (Ian Birchall); The disposable heroes of hypocrisy (Jim Wolfreys). 136 pages. View more info

Image for "It's the Middle Class, Stupid!"

"It's the Middle Class, Stupid!"

By: "Carville, James, Greenberg, Stan"

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Plume,

Government has really screwed things up for the average American. Work has been devalued. Education costs are out of sight. Effort and ambition have never been so scantily rewarded. Political guru James Carville and pollster extraordinaire Stan Greenberg argue that our political parties must admit their failures and the electorate must reclaim its voice, because taking on the wealthy and privileged is not class warfare--it is a matter of survival. Told in the altern... View more info

"Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine (Volume 27 #8, January 1976)"

By: "Swezy, Paul M. Ed.)"

Price: $20.95

Publisher: NY, 1976

"Tight, faint age soil to exterior, clean interior, faint curl. Articles include: Capital, Technology, and Development (Magdoff), Attica Now (Rubinstein); Capitalist Development, Class Struggle, and Crisis in Italy, 1945-1975 (Proctor); Argentina: Peronism and Power (Merkx); Marti on the United States; The Anachronism of the Work Ethic (Book Review). 64 pages, 8.5x5.5"" (21.5x14cm). " View more info

"Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine (Volume 28 #2, June 1976)"

By: "Swezy, Paul M. Ed.)"

Price: $20.95

Publisher: NY, 1976

"Tight, faint age soil to exterior, clean interior, faint curl. Articles include: The New Reformism; The Civil War in Lebanon(Farsoun & Carroll); Against Cynicism in Politics and Culture (Diamond); Norman Bethune in Muskoka; Social Consequences of Monopoly in the Auto Industry (Book Review.) 64 pages, 8.5x5.5"" (21.5x14cm). " View more info

"Power and Terror, Post-9/11 Talks and Interviews"

By: "Chomsky, Noam (Junkerman & Masakazu, Ed.)"

Price: $6.95

Publisher: "NY + Tokyo, Japan", 2003

"As new - gift quality! ""After the terrorist attacks of September 11...with unflagging conviction, Chomsky must have repeated a thousand times his argument that we cannot address terrorism of the weak against the powerful without also confronting the unmentionable but far more extreme terrorism of the powerful against the weak. The argument fell on deaf ears in Washington..."" 158 indexed pages." View more info